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Thursday, February 05, 2004

...if you can't do the math... you know what that means...

Get out of the equation!

It seems to have been statistically proven that I'm not being able to do the math. My grades in that class are consistently lower than I expect, considering I generally understand the material. It doesn't seem fair that your performance on one question of a type, since we've probably practiced dozens throughout the unit, should account for such a larger percentage of the final grade. And I don't understand why every single time, there's about 10 points taken off for really small errors. And more importantly, bad... notation? I don't think notation is that important, as long as you can answer the question. Hopefully, I will do well on the retake of that one test, because I don't see why I'm one of the only people who keeps doing fairly badly on every test.

And, what's up with me NOT failing that english quiz? I've consistently gotten 6/8 or lower on almost every single one this year, but somehow I managed to get a perfect score on the last one. It was magical, and I attribute it to Kangway, who couldn't find anything nice to say about his girlfriend except that she has pretty hair. And he made me feel his lymph nodes. He's like "Mo, feel my lymph nodes, I found them!" So I did, and it was rather disgusting. Sensei was probably teaching us something important.

Most importantly, I must must must get into the Colin Firth class for Agora days. My life, liberty, and happiness depends on it. I am also incredibly wishing I could go to the John Cusack class because he is also wonderful and happy, and he was in this movie called Say Anything which I watched last Agora Days. Oh yes, last Agora days, probably one of the best weeks of my life.

Although I missed it.

So I was sick because it was freaking February and it's cold and people cough all over you, refuse to miss school and then you get bloody infected, okay? So I had the flu, and was recovering, but everyone would go back to school and then get worse (imagine that!), so I stayed home, believe it or not. And rented about a zillion movies. Most of them the chick-flicky type of stuff I'd been too young to see when it came out, and so I watched stuff. Stuff like Say Anything, which does have John Cusack, and you should all watch it because it's in 1989 so he's young and adorable and his girlfriend is kinda weird in that movie but still. Come on. And then varieties of other movies and most of all, getting chinese food, which is always yummy.

I was upset the first few days, but come on, no class (except maybe one with colin firth, john cusack... yeah) is as important as movies and chinese food.

This Agora days won't be so lucky... haha. But uhh... My last two periods are free, and as it seems I have no friends to hang out with left, I will be on my own, but at least I'll be on my own at home at a reasonable hour! Hell yea! I would sleep in, but then again, there seems to always be more good stuff in the morning than later.

Enough ranting for now. Remember, it's February, and the Lizzie McGuire calendar's motto for this month is: "A great hair day makes ALL the difference!" Read it, learn it, live by it. I certainly do.

mo posted at 5:29 PM.