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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

...what you say?...

So, Sunday night was another quite successful pynk pyritz gig. We played at a wine tasting, and although we don't get wine (stupid underage drinking laws...), and claire kept saying "I can't wait until we're 21!", it was a very good gig. We played for a little more than an hour at first, love type songs (think Some Day My Prince Will Come, Love Makes the World Go Round, and more) plus Italian stuff we have from the Italian dinner we played at back in the fall. Scarborough Fair is a really fun song to play (yay for sounding like simon and garfunkel), and besides the music, which people seemed to enjoy pretty well, there was really nice FOOD. Okay so they had all of these really yummy looking cheeses, and they had tons and tons of that just, french bread type stuff... the stuff that you eat more and more and more of because it doesn't seem like it's that much... and they had CHOCOLATE. Like, just chocolate, that you could dip cookies in and stuff. After totally overdosing on the chocolate, and eating about 12 loaves of bread, we hung around with the "bartenders". It was at a wine/other alcohol store and there was a mini bar... so yeah, that was definitely hott.

There was also this awesome thing that was supposed to cool your wine while you shopped -- the water was cold and it rotated, to cool the wine. But it really looked more like a like, mini bath or something. Or as one of the bread servers said, "it's for arctic goldfish." So anyway, after consuming 20,000 pieces of bread, and one of the other bread servers/bartenders saying "I take it you're not on the atkins diet", we played some more music, and that was good too.

Unfortunately all this good stuff has come to an end with the week beginning again... and I am perfectly and completely angered at the fact that while we took an optional math test (at 8 AM, mind you, freaking EARLY), we didn't even manage to miss PE. UGH. wtf is up with that??? I mean, come on, I got less sleep than usual, and then had to work out. Jeez. The way I see it, sleep and fitness are like, opposite functions, like exponential functions and their inverses (our favorites, logarithms!)... Fitness undoes all that I work for in sleeping.

I'm not looking for perfection, dont' they understand that? I dont' want to be perfectly fit -- it's not my goal, that's yours... there are many things more important. I just want to be. And not inhale ammonia in chemistry.

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