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Thursday, February 12, 2004

...doa ga doushitemo akanai...

Okay, so I am definitely overwhelmed by the amounts of work we have. I believe that tomrorow, being Friday the 13th, will determine whether 13 is lucky or not: Jockusch test.

So I was studying, and of course talking to Kangway (I can't learn things if I'm not talking to kangway), and so I decided to model my grade in math, because I believe it's exponential decay. So what I did was I took t=0 as first quarter, and I don't remember what my grade was, but I believe it was a fairly good A, so I just decided to be nice to myself and started with my P of zero equalling 100. So then I used my second quarter grade or so, and basically what it comes out to is my model in the form of a*b^t is:

p(t)=100* .94 ^ t

so then I took it and gave it base e, which I finally understood how to do today, and so what happens is it's like this:


and so I plugged in p(2) which would be third quarter, as in now, and it basically came out to my exact grade at the moment... how whacked up is THAT? So I decided I needed to model how much my grade goes down per day. Since there's 180 days in the school year, so 45 days per quarter. So each school day, that would be...

I calculate it to be approximately .137% each day. So every school day, 13 hundreths of a percent slip away!

And, if you go to google, and you type into the seach bar something like 2+2, it tells you the answer... there's a calculator, it's so cool! It does LOGARITMS people... ubercool...

mo posted at 8:18 PM.