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Monday, February 16, 2004

...we're gonna kick some booty...

the beatles...

I apologize, but the picture is having issues existing on here as it's rather big.

So that's the new pynk pyritz slogan. You like? Ooooo, double meanings. So anyway, I'd just like to tell everyone that Noam is a HOVER DISK LOSER. the hoverdisk site... Rose has one and its' definitely the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life. They even havea video on the site. Then again, we also played strip air hockey, which is really really fun, although some people are a little wimpy about stripping.

And more importantly, we found a great beatles lyrics site. it's here and if you click on a song, it plays the midi, which is totemo hilarious. It's so funny... So then I watched Help! and that movie is quite odd. It all came back to me though, and in the end, those are my favorite songs... Like... The Night Before... that one is so good... and Ticket to Ride, who can't like that? i think that's the part I want to show in my beatles class (mine and rose's class, that is)... so yes. Anyway here's my agora schedule:

1: Aikido
2: Mockumentaries
3: Mythology
4: Medieval Combat I (yeehaw!... er... huzzah!)
5: The BEATLES (no da, i'm teaching it...)
6: COLIN FIRTH LOVE FEST... i'm totemo excited about that one...

Colin firth... and of course, the beatles. But they're not particularly related. Just in the amount I think about them. *sigh* and of course you have to remember to make room for those like John Cusack, and Johnny Depp... And much much more!!!!!!!!!!!

aLRIGHT i'm OuT.

and btw, we HEARD the "I buried Paul" thing. It was exciting, though roughly 30 yrs too late.

And I have really deep conversations with Rose's dog.

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