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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

...yoho, yoho, a pirate's life for me...

It turns out the pynk pyritz are actual real pirates. We don't sail the 7 seas, nor have peglegs (although that would get me out of fitness...), but we do steal the bling bling. So let me cut to the chase. We've played at Schnucks 3 times, righto? Xmastime, and then again on Vday, everyone's favorite holiday (okay, hello, chocolate, how can you not love this?).

So when we're there we have a basket in front of us that says "donations accepted" and people throw in money. Quite a bit sometimes. Other times just loose change. Even without some of our money making schemes (emptying out the basket sometimes... putting a five on top to make it look like people are giving fives really often... etc.), we would still make lots and lots of money. Then what happens is afterward, angelina takes all the money (she's trustworthy, and seems like she will keep good care of the bling, right?) And then typically the manager of the store (the guy who wants us to play there anyway) gives us $60, so we split that money up, and then the donated money stays together. We've only done this divvying up thing twice so I only really got 40 to spend. 20 of it has been used for general fun/staying alive (movies, food, etc.), and the other 20 is in my piggy bank right now (uber fun).

Unfortunately, we just found out there's a catch. He hasn't actually donated to the conservatory, so we think that he thinks that the money the people donate is for the conservatory. Which means that we've only made 60 each, which is NOT my idea of bling bling for hours of labor. I mean it's fun, but still tiring to play for 2 or 3 hours. And the REST of the money (read... the MAJORITY), is apparently conservatory money. BUT NO ONE WAS EVER TOLD THAT. We never had a thing that says "$$ for the conservatory, which is a non-profit organization, keep the costs low so that people can have music whether they are rich or poor" or something that would really rake in the cash. It was just us. And people tended to give money in multiples of three... HMMMM where does that come from... perhaps the number of members of our band?!?!? It's not that hard to figure out people.

So in other words, we're supposed to have 180 and give the rest to the conservatory. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? They are so NOT taking my cash away from me. I mean, from us, because it's all together for US. And how does that make us feel anyway? We're nothing but advertisements for the conservatory, so we may as well give up music and wear signs that say "The Conservatory is Cool and we do Music... NO WAIT WE JUST MAKE MONEY FOR THEM" And please do not give me that non-profit organization crap, because seriously, they were surviving before we started making money, and just because now we get donations shouldn't mean that they get to get in on our loot.

There seem to be only a few possibilities of what could happen now:
1) We donate all our cash but the 180 that we keep. NOOOOO WAY.
2) They get him to make an actual donation. That'd better not happen because he has paid us anyway and it's too much money for him to keep fishing out.
3) We keep the cash, the conservatory SUCKS IT, and we win.. yohoho
4) We spend the money REALLY quickly and then say, "what money?"
5) We do hardcore musical begging where no one is sponsoring us, that way any money we get is OURS. Like you know, the people who just... play music. I want to play at a sports game really badly. Like, as opposed to having cheerleaders, string music.

I'm exceedingly pleased at the nastiness of this post. Just because no one ever listens to me in real life (unless I'm speaking in Japanese, that is), and just because the world is a harsh place full of unnecessary competition and criticism, doesn't mean we get tricked out of our cash. OUR cash. Because people gave it to US.

Plus, what kind of pirates are we if we can't steal some treasure? Finally, my last year's shorai essay in japanese (remember, the ones about what you will be in your future), has come true, at least partially. I've become a pirate. Johnny Depp, here I come.

mo posted at 3:59 PM.