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Thursday, February 19, 2004

...vapid and shallow...

Agora days is quite entertaining, especially my 6th hour class which is the best ever, which is COLIN FIRTH LOVE FEST. I don't understand how any girl in her right mind (unless she's teaching or something) can not want to be in that class. Basically the teachers are really good, Jackie and Amelia, at finding the cutest scenes of Colin Firth so that we can... just gaze, squeal, etc., at him for 50 minutes every day. I think this is quite constructive. It's way better to funnel your love and lust and all that stuff toward someone you can actually stare at without creeping out. Also, there aren't many people in real life worth this much thought or obsession. If guys nowadays were not so... you know... high maintenance, they would probably be more popular. Same goes to chicks. So anyway, it's very very wonderful that we can... look at Colin Firth and his hottness, and he was making out with Renee Zellweger, just as the bell rang, so I tore myself away and asked Mrs. Jockusch what my grade on my test was (since batia had earlier) and I got ... *drumroll please* a 93! A FUCKING A! And with my ekusutora pointo, I have a 92! SUCK THAT, it's an A!!!!!!!!! YEEHAW.

So after I got over my excitement at having an A (we will still have more tests, sadly), we went to Evo. Yep, evo. Which unfortunately is no longer a computer playing haven for uni guys, so it was considerably less exciting, but it was TJ's first time there and my second (remember last year when we went, basically so we could say that we'd gone to evo... and it was good, and their straws are horrendously big), so it was good, and the weather was nice, and I think that I die far too easily in medieval combat, usually giving people the benefit of the doubt... oh well.

It's still incredibly fun. Not that I'm any good, but at least I have some strategy. If at least 2 or 3 puds rush a knight we can take them out easily. If I yell charge and no one does, then it's one person getting killed. Most likely not even taking out a limb. But if we charge it's easy. Charging together is also one of the best things you can do. It's really quite fun, especially if yelling is involved.

And other good news... Claire's mom says we are KEEPING our money. And no one can fight claire's mom, obviously. Or something. More likely, if she's on our side, we won't be forced into doing "the right thing" which is hazy anyway and I don't care. And, if we are required to make a donation, I say we buy a treasure chest, and bury it (preferably somewhere obscure or on campus), and hide a treasure map somewhere in the conservatory. You can have the money... if you can FIND it.

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