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Friday, February 20, 2004

...bang bang maxwell's silver hammer...

So today was the end of Agora Days which saddens me deeply because I could barely contain my squeals during the Colin Firth Love Fest again. I mean, I love John Cusack (though I didn't take his class), but seriously, Colin Firth... Yeeeeeahhhh... It's also amazingly attractive how he always plays unhappy Darcy-like characters who eventually are amazingly cute and even smile, and of course get the girl. But he's always turned down first.

Anyway, so I was at cello, and so we played some of Kris's songs (Pynk Pyritz Theme and Scarlet) which made me happy, and it does look like we're going to keep the money (though for no better reason than that we refuse to give it up). Basically my theory is that no one will ever understand each other in anything in life, so take the money and run. So then we got thinking about places we could play when we're rich (working on it) and famous (not quite yet). Claire's brilliant idea was to play on a cruise, like the titanic, right how the string quartet or whatever kept playing while it was sinking, which was cool. Only our ship wouldn't sink. So we could go on cruise ships right, because they have a lot of FOOD and RICH PEOPLE there, righto? And we could do Caribbean cruises because who can resist sandy beaches and warm weather, right? And then we would be the pynk Pyritz of the Caribbean! W00t! And we could play our favorites like Under the Sea (which we have a rather strangely arranged part).

Alas, for now, before our stardom, our biggest event is the wedding coming up in May. But sadly, the person DOESN'T want the wedding classics (here comes the bride, pachelbel's cannon)... so it's very displeasing. So we basically play the kinda stuff that's wedding-ish, and you'll probably recognize it, but you can't think of it again.

And we had fun with the Pynk Pyritz theme, and we should totally say like, "ARR" or "ahoy" or "shiver me timbers" or "landlubbers!" (that's a random one) at the end.

a picture that knows what i'm talking about.

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