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Sunday, March 28, 2004

...i win... you lose...

Okay, so everyone remembers our favorite Japanese Toilet Discussion in Nihongo Kurasu before haruyasumi? Well I got the TDR guy to put up his excellent picture again about this. It's here. Visit soon, the link will die as he updates! Anyway I thought it was pretty cool.

"I have wonderful relationships with my verbs." --Noam

So yesterday (like the song... yeah yeah hilary duff)... I finished watching the epic soap of kekkan kazoku... it was so great but so completely upsetting because of the fact that eyebrow guy (tsukamoto takashi) gets married to someone that is female who is NOT ME. The best part of the whole series though is when the persimmon drops from the tree, because it's ripened, so it needs to fall before the other persimmons could ripen (deep symbolism for the father with "lung cancer" having to die before his daughters can ripen... or something).

Unfortunately, when I actually understood little parts of it... there was no way to know if I was right. So I was explaining this one part that I thought I was getting, where Afro Man came home and the father (Afro Man's father-in-law/former middle school teacher) is going to die soon, so he says to afro man that he takes good pictures, and that he sort of accepts him as a son-in-law. And then Afro Man starts like, crying in joy, and saying stuff like "thank you sensei, I've finally graduated!"... at least that's what I *THINK* happened. It could have been something COMPLETELY different. Anyone remember that part?

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