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Monday, March 01, 2004


Okay kids, the motto on the Lizzie McGuire calendar for the month of March is: The world is a black dress and I'm green shoes

That was deep, was it not? Live by it!

On saturday, I saw two exceptionally good movies. First I'll start with the one that most of you won't throw bags of cyanide filled explosives at my face for having watched. It's Lost In Translation, which was uber goodness, and awesome, and so pretty and everything and it was just like, a very very awesome movie (Joe was right! Remember, Ariana?). Also, I was extremely proud that I could understand almost all of the Japanese in the movie, besides the background noises at the airport and stuff like that. Like, I understood most of the director's comments, and the doctor, and other people. The only one I didn't understand was the woman at the ad place who talked to the director in Japanese. Anyway, I don't think it took away from the movie that I understood, it actually made it really funny. Especially the part in the waiting room with Bill Murray and the little old woman saying "Nan nen ni irun desu ka?" And making a circle with her hand. It was great. Another awesome thing was the extras, where Bill Murray said his all purpose Japanese phrase was "Dare ni mukatte mono itten dayo?" which means, "who do you think you're talking to?" Hehe. The scariest thing was a deleted scene with these little robot things... that were really creepy. Also there was Matthew's TV show that was really scary.

Anyway, now it's time to move onto the second movie, which was also ... yeahhhhhhhhh... I went with Noam and it's entertaining to analyze the psychology of who was there... at Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, with Lindsay Lohan (COME ON, it's Lindsay Lohan! You can't pass up a movie with her!!!) Anyway the movie was an exceptional tween movie, and the best part was at the end, they have this school play. Right, so instead of a pit orchestra, they have all these kids in the pit with Macintosh laptops pressing the buttons together to make synthesized music. That was uber uber wonderful. But besides the kickass realism (as with all tween movies, in which you MUST meet a famous rock star guy, or else the movie won't make sense), there was the people in the theater. There was only one other group of teenagers like us, and then the rest were the right age for the movie (ages like, 6-12), you know, tweens... and then there were single middle aged women who couldn't even force their kids to go see the movie with them. I mean, at least one woman brought her son out of desperation and embarassment, but how were they possibly brave enough to be seen at a movie like this? AND they were the ones who kept hushing me and Noam through our uncontrollable fits of laughter! It's like, "BE QUIET, I am such a loyal Lindsay Lohan fan that even though my children refused to see this movie I got the courage up to GO ALONE!!! And! I can't miss a word Lindsay says!!!!!!!"


In other news, we went to the mall and got absolutely nothing accomplished because of many complex reasons... and it was fun trying on ho clothes at the one store hollsmeiowahpoeraso something so the initials are HC or something... and they have shirts that say "ho ho ho" on them... i don't want to know...

Looks kinda ghetto?

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