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Sunday, March 07, 2004


Rainbows come out of his hands! Man, we watched this anime, Magic Project S, and it's totemo awesome/screwed up. There was this cheesecake (a "love love monster") that would shoot cheese all over the city, and there was this magic attack called "pretty coquettish bomber" ... we also watched a miyazaki film, Castle in the Sky which wasn't that good (there weren't really such awesome characters..) but at some point there was this guy, pazu, saying to this girl something like "and you'll be able to live back in your homeland, with the mountains and the yaks" ... and the word for yak was "yaku-tachi"... this was just too excellent. God, anime is so great. It seems we're trying to RRR our manga of a year ago, and hey, since we have basically a first chapter already, I'm thinking that's really good. However, I have forgotten why we had a toupee wearing frog... but the frying pan incident will be great... if we can think of some freaking NAMES for characters... we took about 3 months coming up with "marmara" for the main character and ariana *still* doesn't like it. Hmph, it's so terrible.

You can't beat a guy with rainbows coming out of his hands, trying to hug you.

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