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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

...*batman theme*...

I think that people are unnecessarily A) annoying and B) angry at each other. This realization came to me when talking to Pichael Mitt yesterday as we were deciding which of the many campus restaurants to get food at (if I couldn't do this, our school would be totally like... NOT worth it). So we were talking about something or another that was weird, and Pichael (swichael, michael, bichael...) says "yeah our school has a don't ask don't tell policy"... and then there's a pause, and at the same time, I say "But some people ask waaay too many questions" and he says "Some people tell you too much though"... so in other words, it rather sucks. Fortunately, after going there for 2.5 years, I've basically mastered hanging around friends and avoiding people who deserve to be killed slowly and painfully.

So today I wore a buttcape. Which is like, a cape, but tied around the waist instead. Which is in my opinion, much better. It was totemo awesome, and totally showed off my creative skillz which some people don't have. Also, it didn't require sewing, since sewing is of course, a spawn of satan and I wouldn't do something that evil. But I want to make a shirt. I promise, I will make a shirt without sewing. Or at least not sewing in the conventional sense.

Now it's time to discuss the three different types of fitness participants (as in, people not doing a sport):

Apathetic: Don't care, hate it, or in general wish not to be bothered with this whole "exercise" concept. I am definitely in this category.

Wannabe Apathetic: Far worse than the Apathetic, they *pretend* to not care, but then really try their hardest and make themselves feel really bad about their mile times etc.

Competitive: The most annoying: they can't stop fighting with each other over the rules/who won/what color the sky is/anything else they can think of remotely weird to claim they're better than everyone else. And they also are blind to any potential apathetics, so in other words, they will walk completely into you. And not notice. Or step on your shoes. Or not pass to you. Ever. Or strategize with the "team" of course excluding apathetics who don't actually count as humans and, oh darn, they're not participating, I guess they should have a 0% for the year because other people will not pass to them!

In better news, next 2sday will be 5 hours of total... COLIN FIRTH.

a picture i took a while back

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