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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

...idiocy at its worst...

Prepare for a ... RANT. OMFG, that's like, so... nonhappy!

TAC. Teen Awareness Club. I am fully aware that I am a teen! Good job guys! What's next, HAC? Human Awareness Club? MCOAC (multicellular organism awareness club)...

Okay, but besides an idiotic name... they intruded on our sophomore girls bonding experience! AND they made us tell THEM touchy feely crap. For instance, as we were anticipating our free pizza, the TAC members came in, and it was like WTF!?! They're not sophomore girls! Fuck off now! But no. No no no. We had to write what girls "NEED". Like what we need???? People put down crap like "self-esteem" and "friendship" and "support" and "being able to voice your opinion", more crap like that. Anyway, what's more... there was a certain person there that was the object of a JELC song that we love to sing.

And THEN we were told this was in reaction to the "sexism and PE" email whatever sent a while ago. No mention of who actually started that email. mhm. Rose and Ariana.. And so we were supposed to discuss sexism at school or whatever. Only there isn't any besides in PE. And in PE, it's in purely physical form. Not passing to girls, not noticing girls, completely STEPPING ON MY FEET, VICTOR, and stuff like that. But when the hell have you been actually opressed in normal classes? Never. Exactly. And plus, how many guys are we actually talking about? Like, between 5 and 10 I say. Anti guy chicks are obviously just not ignoring the people who obviously should be ignored.

And what about the idiots who organized this? I wasn't COMPLETELY against bonding (now I am, of course), because I thought it would be more like "*insert name here*, he's totally gross, I can't believe ____ is going out with him!" and other backstabbing type things. Duh. But no, it was like "let's solve our nonexistent problems, brought to you by people who have psychological problems!" Personally, if I'm going to ask someone what to do, I'll ask someone who I think is at least GENERALLY mentally stable and not power hungry (have you noticed that peer counselor type people are always majorly fucked up in the head?)

Well that teaches me to never believe stupid preppy girls who offer you pizza...

On a happier note, a quote from history:

Mr. B: What did this artist do in preparation for this painting?
Stephen: take drugs?
Mr. B: No, but that tells me a lot...

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