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Thursday, March 25, 2004

...the feeling of success...

So this morning, I was feeling uber angry, and so I decide to go to my ichiban sukina japan"blog", which is Tokyo Damage Report... But GAAAAA in my horror, that CRASHED too (japanese fonts crash my web browser. this is a problem, considering that I am ME). Now this was the final straw. I turned on my mac, and moved the 2 feet to sit in front of hte computer screen, and looked upon in pain that he had put... gasp... JAPANESE TEXT on his website. It was like... the pain of listening to the rap radio station during PE, while being told that our "deal" for today is that we "get" to run 2.5 miles in 20 minutes. Ha. Anyway, it was pretty horrible, and so I had to fix it (and of course, complain to Micah's blog first, because what is he for anyway?)...

Anyway, for the first time like, ever, my Linux problem solving skills actually... WORKED... and now *trumpets sound* I can view Japanese TEXT! YAAAAAAAAAY! Yatta! I felt like this. And that's my story.

Now it's time for a COWBOY BEBOPU MINI-RANT!

Great show. Whenever I watch it, I watch it w/ Jono so he only shows the important/awesome episodes (first one, Ballad of Fallen Angels, excellent other ones...) and so I guess I have a warped view on this. Anyway, I have several commentos on the show:

1) The stopping and staring. If anyone's seen the Japanese soap opera Kekkan Kazoku, you know that stopping, looking shocked, and staring is one of the most important parts of good TV (did I just say good tv?)... there was one excellent example of this, in cowboy bebop... there was a completely silent moment of shock (no music, no bullets, nothing) where in about 2 seconds, we go from the shot of spike to the horrored look on the face of Lin (I think it was Lin anyway, who has a completely more hott brother named Shin. Shin and Lin. Lin and Shin. It's like Dr. Seuss) and then to the horrored look on... Faye I think? Maybe it wasn't her. But it was very excellent. We rewinded and watched it about 20 times... being the intelligent people we are.

2) There are HIDDEN smiley faces in this show. I believe this is the work of Ed. In the scene where Faye goes to the opera thing, she's wearing a quite slutty dark red dress, and a yellowish coat over it. In one part you see her from a side view as she's talking to the dude who lets you in, and the wrinkles on her coat sleeve seriously make a smiley face. It's so amazing and shocking... I think that only Angelina is going to know what I'm talking about by this point.

3) Dead. While viewing this excellent anime series, it's best to have someone around who will scream "ded" (pronounced with no "a") when someone dies. This is for a few reasons. One (I feel like I'm writing a flowchart book) is that about 37 people die on average during an episode of cowboy bebop. And those are only the main characters! We're not even talking innocent bystanders. When you see someone die, it adds much to the effect if someone yells "ded!" Just to make sure you know.

And that's the end of my guide to Cowboy Bebop. Oh, one last thing. this guy is cool. Or is he a girl? Dundundun!

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