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Friday, March 26, 2004

...kazoku rap...

"Let's allign our butts!" --Noam

Mhm. So yesterday Ariana was questioning me about Japanese rap, and so I looked for some, and there's one that's really scary. I think it's at this address: but I don't want to make you get it accidentally or anythinng. Also, I found this link... kazoku rap! Hehehehe. I totally understood it because it's like, total first year stuff (although it's sometimes debatable whether I would know that...) I also found a link somewhere of some girls rapping things like ... cheerleading more like. That mpg is really really bad quality and right over here.

Well, that's all for now guys, rarara.

Wait. OMFG. I stumbled upon this site. Read the first paragraph of his explanation. I can't believe he saw that too. (this will only make sense if you take japanese).

mo posted at 5:42 PM.