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Friday, April 30, 2004 la ! ...

Man, I'm listening to Gay Boyfriend. It's totemo oishii... the girl's voice is quite high though. Girls with extremely high voices scare me. I always thought my voice was uber high but it's not actually when I hear it on tape.

Went to Siebel and learned what they do there, it sounds good, like, smarter human-machine interactions (like computers understanding context, etc)... and there was a smart room where they were playing... dundundun PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN MUSIC!!!!!!!! FREAK OUT! Man that was good. Oh yes, now that the CHEM PROJECT is owatta, I can discuss last night's gig.

So we went to Siebel (mad props to Snatia for getting us the gig) and played near the lounge-ish area near the stairs... great acoustics and stuff, but very ungood relations to musicians. See, now that we have played places with good food, gotten CASH, and are doing big things like weddings, we have come to expect that we're allowed to mingle with the people there and get the loot (food). However, they kept clearing the food away when we were playing, so we just got leftovers.... I enjoyed the crackers though. We discovered I should never go on the atkins diet because I quite like carbs. Hmm.

We did play Stephen's song twice though. Ambition of the moment: make Stephen world famous for his song.

Batia and I were goin through Vogue, and discovered that there are the following body types:


And if you are short (the one we thoroughly investigated), you're supposed to wear DANGEROUSLY short skirts, DANGEROUSLY low tops, and DANGEROUSLY high heels. So if you're short guys, live on edge! But then see, I went to the horoscopes and I was supposed to not do anything dangerous this month... BUT I'M SHORT!

In other news, the granola was excellent, although our presentation was uh.... not so great? I'm happy that people liked it though, considering I had barely anything to do with this project, but you're not supposed to KNOW THAT.

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