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Saturday, April 03, 2004

...oh how we love to see people we hate...

So today was my first ever alumni party. It was totemo exciting. I got to see the main cside gang again, but of course, just clung to the uni people as usual. And basically what happens, especially since I left the shool, what, 2.5 years ago? We basically split off into our original core groups of friends from back in the day. As in, I avoided all the girls, who have now transformed into hardcore teenage preps, whereas before they were just middle schoolers and thus couldn't be as preppy as humanly possible. However, with my anti-prep radiation emissions, they were fortunately repelled enough not even to bother waving hello and I didn't have to deal with them. I spent most of the time hanging around pichael mitt and chris... it's good to see how people have not changed at all. Especially regarding the fact that when I'm there I feel incredibly SHORT. So does michael pitt. Not only was everyone there (besides the unipeeps) at least about a foot taller than me, they were all like, taller than Pichael Mitt as well. Now that is just screwy. Because at school now I feel normalish and occasionally even tall. They're just like, giant freaks of doom I suppose (most logical explanation).

Also, it made me feel really happy to hear how upset Chris was that he'd ever gone out with Emily. Ah, satisfaction. Not that I wanted to go out with him instead or something, but still, you just can't let your friends go out with your enemies, without at least HINTING RATHER STRONGLY to them that they're majorly screwed in the head. But it's alright, I forgive Chris.

Boy am I glad I don't go to hardcore prep infested schools. Our preps are at least SMART preps, which is definitely better (I'm not even going to start on those of you who don't actually believe in preps -- I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!)... but out of the girls there, only the ones from our school were those consistently NOT wearing makeup. While in movies makeup might make people look cool or hot, in real life, it's like... the visual equivalent of smoking. You visually smell bad! Eww! Go away! Also, I don't think I could survive going through high school with a bunch of very tall, very skinny, Abercrombie shoppers. And cheerleaders. I'm not even going to go into that. Although we are totally missing out on Ian, a benefit which cannot be overlooked (hot 6th grade romance, huzzah!)

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