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Tuesday, April 06, 2004 not gesture with your chopsticks...

It's very rude, according to the chapter we're studying in our Japanese book now. I don't like the way this book does kanji, or vocab for that matter, but my favorite parts have definitely got to be BUNKA KOONAA (you learn about Japanese culture). I mean, who doesn't want to discuss Japanese toilets, houmon manners (hormones?... no... visits!), and FOOD.

It's time to discuss our school's hallways. Which are fine and good, especially because of the let's-leave-our-stuff-all-over-the-floor mentality, but the people IN the hallway are the thing that bothers me. I think there should be some sort of system that is allowed so that you can push people walking too slowly. How often do you try to manage to get to the bathroom in a passing period, and, you can't get there quickly enough because there are so many people in the way... and alas, after you return from the bathroom, it is too late. Or how about the people who think they're really cool (think tall, big, fat, and with huge backpacks)... and they see someone on the complete opposite side of the hallway who they want to talk to. So they stop! And say "DUDE! Come here!" And then they stand there, talking, completely blocking the entire hallway, because the entire passageway is usually reduced to the width of one normal person because of the LOCKER PEOPLE. These are the annoying people who find it necessary to go to your locker between every class, and linger there for minutes, talking to people on the other side of the hallway, blocking your path! And these are the same people that cut in front of you to get to their locker, when you are trying to go to the bathroom.

And then there's the stairs, which are so incredibly horrible I will not describe them here.

Instead, I will talk about one of my true callings in life. Fashion. Girls and tight jeans just bother me. Not like, tight to the point of normalcy, which is alright, where there is space between your thigh and the fabric, where your pants actually move, and don't constrict you. I'm talking about super duper tight jeans that leave people squishing out of the top of them, and me wondering why their legs have not collapsed into a jello-ish mush with flakes of bone inside, seeing as the pressure the jeans exert on the legs must be at least 30 thousand times that of the natural atmospheric pressure. Also, this does not even look good. Then again, maybe some guys like it, or something. But when YOUR legs turn blue and fall off, because of lack of circulation, think how sexy that will be.

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