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Thursday, April 08, 2004 and famous...

The play is up and coming, and it's very exciting. Because in this one, for once, I don't feel like just someone hanging around being useless in order to hang out after school with nice people (because that was usually my excuse)... maybe nice is not the right word. But anyhow, I feel at least moderately talented in this one (although not talented enough to like... memorize lines, esp. shakespeare)... because we're doing something at least kinda important (music!)...

So we actually went to rehearsal, and it's quite chaotic, but we did accomplish several things, including COSTUMES (madrigals, after hunting through the costume room)... and as Mr. Murphy said after us begging him to give us possible costumes, "you guys just want dresses." Of course, the Pynk Pyritz are concerned primarily with what they wear. I found a pretty bluish dress that makes Ariel want to grab my boobs, apparently. It's quite fun, and Angelina really enjoys how I test skirts out if they're big enough to play cello in. Follow my instructions:

1. wear skirt
2. stand with feet shoulder width apart
3. whack the fabric between your ankles (or lowest part of skirt) to see how roomy. It is awesome looking. Or dumb looking. You pick.

And, more importantly (more important than clothes???) we made our first ever recording, so Alisa and people could choreograph the dance. We didn't sound too bad, actually. It was definitely not as horrible as hearing your voice on tape. Ew.

Enough about the play. It's time to go to craftster.

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