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Sunday, April 11, 2004


Rehearsal today was entertaining, especially because we don't know what is going on! However, we determined Ridenour doesn't know either and the singers know negatively what's going on. Everyone seems to know their lines though which is reassuring. Just not songs. We get to be behind this really hott dark red see through curtain. Way ghetto. Also, we can't even hear if the people are freaking singing, which MIGHT be a hint that it needs to be louder. Because seriously, the stage eats up sound, so we shouldn't have to be quieter.

I still don't really understand the play, seeing as I've only seen about half of it, and it's shakespeare (who really gets it anyway?). Also, it always seems to end quite abruptly. However, since we're playing music, I have NO FREAKING IDEA what Rose's speech is like at the end, maybe it makes it not so sudden.

All I can say is that this week, I'm going to be very dead during school.

mo posted at 7:57 PM.