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Saturday, April 17, 2004


TECH WEEK... exciting stuff. Most important thing that happened is the fact that we sighted the VIOLIST dude. You know, from the Pacifica String Quartet. It was like, UBER CELEBRITY SIGHTING... only small town style. The guy everyone thinks is hott, and at this point i refuse to comment, but he does look mysterious and movie starish. Especially because he wears suits in real life, and other people wear like, normal clothes. But anyway, that was a highlight of the week, and also, of course, JP, who is not, under any circumstances, Justin Park.

Also it's hot, and i have no summer clothes. I think I totemo need a shopping spree. Who wants to go shopping dudettes? Next weekend sounds fun, unless there's some uber big test/project/freakout moment. But what's really more important, clothes or homework? Obviously clothes.. Dude, summer is fun. My abs hurt though, i actually tried to do situps in fitness friday. Excuse me, Mr. Ab Muscles, for attempting to sit up! Next time I'll stick to lying down.

Apparently there's lots of "sexual harrassment" going on in our school. Only, it's not actual sexual harrassment. It's guys being "mean" to girls and then girls totemo freaking out cuz they're little WIMPS and blame everything on "yeah, I'm a girl, that's why they're bugging me..." instead of thinking "MAYBE I'M A LITTLE PSYCHO FREAK BITCH!" which would be far more accurate. I'll rant more on this when more things are widely known around the school, but I think many of our problems with behavior come from the girls at our school being psycho than the guys being rude. Of course they're at least mildly rude SOMETIMES, but it's not like WE AREN'T. Jeez. People should just shut up and stop making up their problems.

YAYAYAYAYAYAY last show (though sad as well).... what will my life's meaning be after this??!??!

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