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Friday, April 23, 2004


Hmm sorry, I keep writing posts and not finishing, and then it's all like blah, it doesn't make sense anymore. Oh well.

Alright, let's think about the things I did with my mid-quarter break. And how much better they are than school.

Time spent reading: 2 or more hours
Time spent watching tv: 1/2 hour
Time spent watching Kekkan Kazoku, tape 2: 1.5 hours
Time spent playing cello: 45 minutes
Number of songs stuck in head: 3
Homework completed: Math and English
Encounters with the following people outside of school: Josie, at the mall, and Angelina, at cello
How many times I heard the Queer Eye theme song being played: 2
Amount knitted: about 2-3 inches

I think my day was very productive. Managed to download an entire version of hiro's song (my name is hiro i am 51, since 1980 life has been no fun)...

Recent Events: Day of Silence was fun, I only really gave up by 8th period. It's good, and fun, and the silent party was cool. Not that it really does much of anything, but come on, day of silence. I didn't get a tshirt though. Even though they were nice, I still don't think I can bring myself to wear orange and blue. Sorry guys. I was impressed w/ the subbies though, lotsa them did the day of silence, including TJ and Micah (I think at least... am I right?) and Claire... as in all the people I talk to anyway.

Second event: Day of silence was also a day of scrubbie season (what great planning, they'll think we're all mutes... not that I talk much anyway, but yeah), so there was a subbie taking her scrubbie to the bathroom on 2nd floor, and as a thought, she goes, "Do you think Johnny Depp is hott?" and the scrubbie said "Yeah" in a tone that was like, "uh... doesn't everyone?" and so the subbie showed the Johnny Depp lockers to her scrubbie, how touching. I keep forgetting to put Colin Firth on MY locker... I refuse to conform! Of course he is hott though.

Best line in matrix movie (original, of course, before they got high on money and bad special effects) : Left! No! Your other left!

Coming soon: Def of PGs (psycho girls) and maybe, one day, my nihongo speech!

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