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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


A cross between humming and honey.

New rule subbie girls (excluding the cool ones) will not follow: no skank clothes until puberty, dudettes!

They seem not to disturb me nearly as much as other people because news flash dudes, they never DO ANYTHING. Although they dress like skanks, how many of them do you think have like, ever even spent 5 minutes with a guy? I'm betting on 0%. That's what scares me. And how when they actually have boyfriends they stand 5 feet off and just stare. Hmmm, very excited about our granola. Sounds oishii... gotta get my mom to by the pecans and almonds and sunflower seeds.

Today was a good day, I managed not to fall asleep, be late to, or fail any assignments in any class. Very much progression.

mo posted at 8:37 PM.