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Monday, May 10, 2004 accomplishments...

Of which there are SO MANY... oh darn. Let's analyze my weekend.

Tween movies watched: 2
Exercise: DDR at Ariana's house
Work Completed: bare minimum
"sophomore" parties not invited to: 1
Languages used to discuss Lindsay Lohan vs. Hilary Duff: 2
Number of times yams are mentioned in Things Fall Apart: 39 billion and counting

I was proud of myself because on a Japanese website I understood the warning that is like "adult material, don't click here if you're under 18" only it was literally, "big people time! not for under 21. If you are a kid, NO, BAD!" (how would YOU translate dame?

I am such an accomplished d00dette. Also, I am apparently one of Amirah's weirdest friends. I think that deserves applause! clapppping from the audience, w00t!

Japanese class depresses me. Mostly because we haven't learned anything in a really long time. I love the chapters though, I'm totemo excited because now I might be able to stick in my mind how the different areas of Tokyo work (that ppl are always referring to)...

but we don't learn anything because ppl are stupid (including me) and always talk and don't listen to sensei and uh.... basically, don't retain anything EVER. Like, people are always like "what's daigakusei????" like they've NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE... it's like, HELLO, COLLEGE. Not that I'm advocating knowing the vocab word for college because college is stupid (unfortunately, must attend or else will get nowhere in life and die, etc.)

Also, America is one big conspiracy to make you fat and die. At Delights, they have milkshakes... follow? Well the "sizes" come in "large" and "largest". WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???? They're just trying to make you fat and die see. One day you will wake up, and you'll be fat and dead, and it will be all America's fault.

mo posted at 9:24 PM.