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Sunday, May 02, 2004

...YOU cannot touch this...

This weekend is bad bad bad and I feel icky icky icky. Went to see Mean Girls last night, it was totemo awesome, and I could definitely relate since this sort of stuff goes on all the time. What I want to know is who the obvious preps relate to. I mean, there was this one girl in front of us, you know, tall, blond, skinny, blue, stupid looking eyes, lip gloss, tight jeans, yelling at the top of her lungs to her friend... who does she relate to? How can she possibly be so stupid to think that she's not the Regina of this movie (the uberprep queen...) My best guess is that she thinks this sort of thing must not go on at her school, because that's what preps tend to think.

Anyway, chick flicks, good stuff.

Yesterday math thing, it went okay (our calculator team got 3rd, w00t. good enough I guess). BUT LOSERS NEVER WIN BECAUSE WINNERS NEVER LOSE (tshirt idea). Gaaaa. And I hate hate hate waking up early (do you like my use of repetition in this post)? The math thing yesterday started at 9:45, and then today my mom woke me up at 10, and tomorrow there's SCHOOL. And the music on 1071 is exceedingly bad. I tried listening today. It's all "blahblah i'm so depressed why don't you shoot me, no better, slit my wrists and so we can drown in the tears of blood in 1000 ways BLALAHFEPOFJHDSO:JFSLREWOI!~!"

However possible pynk pyritz wedding #3 in august! w00t!

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