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Tuesday, May 11, 2004 you smell funny... like a clown?...

Who thinks this skirt is hott?

What else what else... who wants to watch the preview for Freaky Friday, or should I say Fortune Cookie, in JAPANESE? Man, it's crazy, movies have different names in other countries! Nevermind this one came out like a year ago. Anyway, that is the extent of my knowledge today. Anyway. Also, I learned a new Japanese word today. This would interest Iiaeaux, if she could in fact read this blog. Anyway the new word is "sobakasu" which means freckles. OKAY I KNOW I WAS READING ABOUT LINDSAY LOHAN... and some Japanese d00d seemed to have an American-Girl-With-Red-Hair-And-Freckles fetish. You learn new things every day.

It bugs me when people make fun of you for something you don't feel bad about. It's in fact, nauseating, and way worse than when it's something that might actually be a tiny bit bad. Like, for instance, certain girls whose names won't be mentioned ALWAYS find it necessary to tell me that, "LIKE, I don't have to write the history paper because I TOOK THE AP! Aren't I super cool?!?!? Don't I win every contest ever by default??? I AM SO COOL"... and it's just like "OKAY I have to write a PAPER!!! My life is obviously going to END because you took a test and therefore don't have to write a PAPER and man, do I wish I were YOU because obviously you are SO COOL!"...

Yeah, so these people need to be whacked repeatedly with a brick. So in more news, in sports today we did girls vs. guys, in ultimate frisbee, and of course we lost. This is no shock for me, but anyway, we did have plenty of jokes, like:

How many babies does it take to paint a house? It depends how hard you throw them!

See, we had that game down since you had to tell jokes to Doug, but um, the physical thing we sorta suck at because some of us (me) are not completely psycho, like, we stop things when we are tired. Also, we decided that nostril flares are REALLY just the hokey pokey (though we enjoy the macerena too..) : brought to you by Dumb Club.

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