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Thursday, May 13, 2004

...won't you let me won't you let me explode!...

DDR is such a phenomenon. Actually, I just enjoy sayind phenomenon. It is really something though. Every time we go there, without fail, there is someoneone there playing, who is in the range of very good to psycho good. There has been the exercising lady (who is probably not loads better than we are now), Tim Ho (DDR god), the two collegeish guys, one good and one REALLY good... and then this guy in sandals playing really well.

However, I was playing and then he was going to play, but then he spilled his Frutopia (as it apparently was) and I did not make it out of the way in time -- alas, my skirt smelled like fruit for the rest of the day, and had random pink splotches (unnoticable mainly, since skirt was purple), but I was immersed in fruity goodness for a while. At least it was not that fruit water stuff. That is just bizarre.

So then, after another day, and having way too much fun with certain chem titrations... I'm here, at my computer, feeling mildly ill (allergies, please?). And happy with myself since i made the 5k playlist.

THINK HOW ACCOMPLISHED I AM! Even though it is 45 minutes long and in theory I should run it in 28 minutes or less, BE QUIET. It is da sex, don't deny it.

"Let's go chase after the cow as an interactive learning experience!" --Noam

Oh and I finally picked a locker (how are we supposed to know what day it was anyway???)... I have locker 122, right by the lounge. So useful, especially because of the frequency with which I enter the lounge... approximately... 1 or 2 times per year?


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