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Sunday, May 16, 2004

...I do?!??...

Yesterday was Wedding numba 1! Okay, gotta give you the details (ha, captive audience, except that you could leave...)

So they show up here, we practice, eat lunch, and rush off to get in the car, leaving my poor defenseless (teenage) brother home alone. Of course, my iPod was a must, and so we could listen to great tunes like Gay Boyfriend and Mexican Wine. Anyhow, this is unimportant. The important thing was that my brother could have had massive parties, because we were gone for like 3 and a half hours, and that's plenty of time to have a party.... especially if you're Aaron Carter (come get it!)... I think he should be Deren Carter, great, right?

Anyway so we show up at the wedding, and we get to sit in this ghetto balcony thing over the whole thing, and look down at them. We also ate their cookies which were good. Anyway, so we know how everything is gonna go... the ceremony starts, and then when we're in the middle of pachelbel, they start proceeding (processing???)... which is bad, so we use our mad improv stopping skillz (thanks to As You Like It) and stop, go into the processional song, and then have to repeat about 20 million times since the flower girl simply would not walk (side note: when I was 5 I was a flower girl, and I took forever to walk too because I put each flower petal down individually). She was cute though. Anyway, other than that the timing was good, etc, and we even got to keep the script (teehee, weddings have scripts).

But the most disappointing thing in the whole wedding, was that there was no "I do." HELLO, it's a WEDDING, it's supposed to be "do you take weiapjfksap;fdkpsa to be your wife in sickness and in health for all of eternity etc." and then they say "I do." BUT THERE WASN'T ANY! They had long speeches instead and it was awful! No I do! Then again, this person didn't want the wedding march at her wedding...

But hey, we got 50 bucks each. So all in all not bad.

Then Pynk Pyritz Party was good, food + tween movie (The Lizzie McGuire Movie! Paolo getting owned by Isabella and Lizzie is priceless... good stuff)...

and the best part:

we get to do it again next weekend! Huzzah! I love when people get married, it's so fun!

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