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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

...i don't get it...

I just watched the season (2? 3?) finale of Smallville. And it was the most confusing thing I have ever seen. So I've seen a total of like, one other episode ever, and so I had absolutely no clue what was going on. Lex Luther's father was in jail, Lex was secretly spying on Clark Kent, the blonde journalist girl was killed (WE THINK??? don't people die when they go into houses that explode?)... the girlfriend left smallville/metropolis, some weird blonde "kryptonian" (but not really) girl tried to take back Clark Kent to somewhere else...

Man, that show makes no sense.


Okay, guys I have something really important to say. NEXT YEAR WE NEED TO RESSURECT LUNCHBUDDIES. What is lunchbuddies? Michael/Maciek/Mo go on non-orchestra days to enjoy life (i.e. eat out on campus)... the buddy system works, because see, then you can always know you're going to get a lunch and will not be abandoned, etc. Unfortunately, next year is going to be bad. Michael Pitt only has 4th free half the year, and maciek does not. THUS: I need lunchbuddies during first semester, and we need an extra so that if one is gone, the other two survive (three lunchbuddies are better than two).

This is very upsetting.

Also, who's in 3rd period acc. calc next year? i can't believe they're splitting us up!!!!!!!!! GAA!!!

mo posted at 8:40 PM.