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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

...math coma...

Is MATH COMA not an extremely cool name for a band?

So I'm taking a break from my finals studying, mostly because I have been studying MATH for the past 3 hours and 41 minutes straight, and I'm about to explode. I only have two more tests to relearn though, and uhh... that should be great as long as I can do this vector stuff again (the rest came back fairly easily), and luckily, the probability is recent enough to get.

Chem today was my only final, and it went moderately okay, because although the test sucked, everyone else also felt like they failed, so it's good. Also, I'm glad I didn't have to take the Japanese final, because although it wouldn't have been too bad, I could SLEEP IN. And I did actually work fairly hard in that class all year, I deserved it. When studied for the quizzes/tests/wahtevers, it seems that grades actually do go up!

Unfortunately, this does not in any way suggest that I am actually GOING TO JAPAN this summer... because I'm not. No 15% increase of yummy.

"You put the 'dumb' in 'random'!" --Maciek

If you are feeling too smart sometime (I know this happens all the time...) go watch some animations at Your level of intelligence will promptly decrease, but you might get a 5% increase of YUMMY...

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