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Friday, May 28, 2004

...what I learned...

Yesterday was great, because it was essentially an all day party. Even the english final was mildly fun. I mean, come on! I loved going to Moonstruck and being stupid and saying "well... it was funny in context"

"your MOM was funny in context last night!"

Yearbooks signed, party attended, graduation of my brother (he is now officially a high school student sorta thing).... and then Some Like it Hot in Uni Gym, which actually makes a very nice theater.

What I learned yesterday:

I don't like nature.

I was sitting on the ground signing a yearbook, completely innocent as usual, and then i felt something on my foot, and so I looked and it was a HUGE ANT... like not the nice friendly kind that live in your house (they're my best friends!)... but this ant was like, the size of a fingernail and it was big and shiny and then it started biting my foot! And it was painful because it hurts when things bite you and it made the disgustingness level rise exponentially! and then.... I tried to flick it off, with my fingers and a pen, and it could not come off since it WAS ATTACHED TO MY FOOT BY THE MOUTH!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA bad experience!

But now that was a full 30 hours ago, and so I must report on what I learned today:

1) Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of college-bound teen (?!??!!?!?... cover is becoming poster in my room)

2) Sara's locker is very messy (or was anyway)

3) There is someone in the world named Stephanie Stephanic

4) If you refer to the employees at People magazine, you can call them the People people

5) This is the most important one. We were at Uni (okay I know a dorky thing to do on the first day of summer, but jeez, we had to bring books there/clean lockers). We were walking and then we saw Mr. Russel! Amazing! Teachers at a school! Anyway he was like "Noam I have something to give you" and so she got this mathematica tshirt for winning the AMC for our school... and he's like "Okay, you can have a consolation prize" so I got a mousepad. It's weird how they just have... math merchandise there.

Anyway so we asked about the math final and Mr. Russel said that... Mrs. Jockusch was so disappointed/disgusted with our performance on the final exam that she may curve it or weight it less or maybe even completely throw it out! Which means two things: a) we actually DID all fail it, we were not even joking, and b) the failing might not affect our grades to a huge extent!

I just thought I should share that with all you ppl who are in my math class.

People people. Teehee.

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