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Sunday, May 30, 2004

...hiragana face...

It's the hiragana face.

These past few days have been totemo excellent! sUMMER, DDR, movies, food, pynk pyritz, and japanese.

Unfortunately that is boring for all of you so let's recap.

Saturday: wake up shape up senior class graduates good speeches ariana party angelina's house tj angelina ariana mo jimmy huggett domier bend it like beckham chinese food sprite chugging (and vomit) pool ping pong calm down DDR pwn3d home sleep.

Sunday: am alive, Troy, teaching Japanese.

Life is so much better when you can hang around your friends instead of your enemies (sea anemones?). Troy was okay (Orlando Bloom tends to play stupid but poetic and good looking characters), but now I am more confused as to what the story actually was since many things were wrong.

Oh yeah, and the tornado was fun.

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