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Saturday, June 05, 2004


Very good to finally have gotten grades and more proof that screwing up finals do NOT ruin your grades.

So I normally don't get calls from anyone, like ever. People talk to me online or email, but never like, call or anything. So then during the middle of the day, Noam, Rose, and Alejandra randomly show up at my house and ask if I can go bike riding. As I am convincing my mom that I will not die by realizing my dad's bike is the only one big enough for me, and putting air in the tires, etc., Maciek calls, saying he is bored and whatnot. So I say I'll make plans for in a few days. Then like 5 minutes later Ariana calls saying she's bored. So then we just give up and say we're biking over.

So we bike bike bike bike, the first time I have ever been out of the range of like, my block with my bike, it was very good (and I was the smart one who brought a cell phone)...

So it was a brilliant idea, ice cream and a park, and us JELC people, it was a spontaneous party!

And when I got home my mom said that Angelina had called twice (though not saying she was bored).

Definitely better than staying here rotting (going out is better than always staying in, guys, listen to your hilary duff!)

People people.

And thus, today is zaint people day.

mo posted at 9:28 PM.