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Monday, June 07, 2004


Only not. It is good to keep busy, and I've been doing a good job of having enough social activities to keep me funned-out, but not too many to have a fun coma, which is never good.


Noam and Ariana (Rose there for a bit but couldn't handle our sleepover habits so leaves at 10:30). Let's review briefly why I like summer:

watch pirates of the caribbean and feel sleepy (but sometimes you just need johnny depp with a side of orlando). In an instant jolt of energy, hang around for the next few hours, watch stupid animations, gossip (gasp), etc. Whatever. Eat. Decide to go to sleep, of course failing miserably for a few more hours...

then the sun starts rising at something like 4:30 in the morning it's getting light out! That's craaaaaaaazy! I never noticed how short night was. It seems longer when you're asleep in it...

attempt sleep again, fail because of weird beeping computers with awful noises, don't get to "sleep" until 6 am, and I don't know if I ever did fall asleep (so about 0 to 2 hours of possible sleep), and then let's get up and eat pancakes!

So today was (is) really nice out, and we play in "meadow square park" making clover chains, and Mr. Vaughn drives by (FREAK OUT!!!!) and he comes back to talk to us -- how amazing! All in all a very good way to spend 14 hours without sleep.

And now, I am like, jet lagged only I didn't go anywhere. I made some important discoveries in this recent venture of trying to sleep but failing:
1) night is actually quite short
2) morning is actually the same length as afternoon, but I'm asleep for 3/4 of it usually

Now it feels to ME like 6 in the evening, but it's only 2:10.

SOOOO GOOD! Worked on zaint as well. Nothing like cult-planning at 5:44 am, and deciding to "go to Rome".

MHM. In other words, my brother is talking to me and I have absolutely no idea what he just said. Joy! Dying to read new Seventeen though, sorry, cant help it.

mo posted at 2:00 PM.