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Thursday, June 10, 2004

...i'm your little butterfly...

WHERE'S MY sAMUrAI? Man. Too much DDR on a dull TV makes my contacts fall out. Ohhhh well. So good stuff, Rose had an incredibly long story for why she was late to the DDR gettogether, but tis okay. Ate pasta... not egg rolls because america is trying to make us fat and dead... so noam says "they have too much fat, I'm trying to stay--OOH CINNAMON ROLL!"

We have discovered I'm the most hyperactive lazy person in existence. Because I never want to run (hmm, there's a tricky one), but then I do DDR and I'm sweating and I'm like "Whee let's do 50 more!" Or how I am always tired, but yet have the stamina to randomly stay up for 36 hours.

downloaded Hey Mister and umm... that other song... Bad Touch. And other random stuff.

I, for once, have nothing to complain about, life is perfect. Also, I'm here, not in Japan or Italy, and proud of it! Ha! Okay I am done now...

we showed more people teen girl squad. It's at homestarrunner and under features. Yep, good stuff.

mo posted at 5:11 PM.