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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

...letter from camp...

Only, it's sorta lame since I'm not actually AT camp, and camp goes on in the same town as me. So I have been doing this music camp thing, since last saturday, and it will be until this saturday. It's good stuff, but I hate waking up at 7 in the freaking morning.... ugh. This is earlier than for school. But since it's only a week I can manage maybe. The cello section (or the part of it that I hang around) is very cool, and good, and stuff.

I won't talk about the other sections, although there are a few other okay people, but I don't associate that much with any of them really since I'm living at home instead of staying in the dorms.

Anything else I have to say about that is just camp drama that you won't understand or care about, so I shall move on to my next topic.

Oh wait I don't have another topic! Taha! You lose, I'm gonna watch a movie.

mo posted at 6:59 PM.