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Sunday, June 13, 2004

...omfg to the max...

Okay, two very very important things happened today (um, sure!)

Pynk Pyritz strike again! K not really, but we match more now. Also, I bought a pink lizzie mcguire tshirt that I have to deconstruct a bit (cut a v in the neck, maybe get rid of the sleeves) because it was a kid's medium but I had to have it.

Second thing, we watched this rawesome movie, The Princess Blade, and the main girl in it was really cool, though the Japanese buff dude wasn't very smart/good... and the girl sorta kicked his butt several times, even though he made her wear a dress.... BUT, there was this guy that showed up like twice in the movie, at the beginning and the end. He had very short hair, and looked way too stereotypical Japanese teenager to be in this film (cuz these were more like, kick-butt people), and I commented "his features are surprisingly similar to eyebrow guy's" ... and then I come home, look it up, and it *IS* eyebrow guy!!!!!!! FREAKOUT SHITEIMASU! SOOOOOO GOOD! I mean, he was kind of a wimp in the movie (when is he not a wimp?), but he was THERE! Life exists outside Kekkan Kazoku!

Plus, it was a really cool movie, if you like a awesome japanese girl kicking ass majorly, even though the amounts of blood are vastly exaggerated... watch the Princess Blade. Also, they talk really fast and it's cool.

mo posted at 9:35 PM.