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Monday, June 28, 2004


Have been cleaning under bed... amazing things you find... zillions of magazines, notebooks, and borrowed books that you have yet to return to their rightful owner.

Went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday, it was very good, you should all see it, and it made me hate Bush even more. Also, the end was good, a Bushism, the one that's like "There's a saying here in Tennessee, I know it's Texas, it's probably in Tennessee" and then he says something really stupid because he can't remember it.

Watched more of Kekkan Kazoku teepu 2 since I have it, and I for the first time noticed that somewhere in there, when talking about Tomi's love fax, Akina says "hattsu deeto", or hot date. Man, it's crazy. I can't figure out how to get Japanese characters to show up on here. Ariana has some on her xanga... any help?

Gig yesterday, got paid, w00t! Also scraped my hand on a tree. Joy. That's all for now.

mo posted at 7:41 PM.