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Friday, July 02, 2004

...different view...

I was appalled at your "If I Were President..." story in the June issue. First of all, gay marriage should NOT be legal! Marriage is meant only as a sacred procreative union between a man and a woman. Has marriage not been degraded enough already by the extremely high divorce rates today? And by the way, not only does the Bible forbid it, but the consititution does not say anything about giving gays the right to marry. And then there was that "pro-choice" girl, or should I say "pro-murder" advocate. How can anybody support the genocide of innocent human beings? What if your mother had chosen pro-choice? Oh and women do have the "right to choose"-- to choose to abstain from premarital sex you hypocritical idiots! And about the gun control laws-- are you insane? Just because someone owns a gun doesn't mean they have to shoot someone! And what about knives and rocks and virtually every other sharp, heavy, semi-dangerous object that could be used to kill somebody? Should we ban pencils? And what about that 200-year-old right to bear arms? And about global warming-- it doesn't exist. And even if it did, this world clearly won't be here anymore anyway due to the decline in moral standards as exhibited by these "future presidents." Seventeen, if this is the so-called "voice of tomorrow," there just might not be a tomorrow.

~Jill, 16, Pittsburgh PA

mo posted at 2:32 PM.