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Saturday, July 10, 2004

...steak and shrimp, and shrimp and steak...

Lovely JELC meeting today and yesterday (so yesterday!) We painted all over Ellen's wall and I can say that Fred has interesting artistic perspective, especially regarding color scheme.

I also painted "cat is to kitten as dog is to mitten" on her ceiling. And all the words to Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Rose did that), although she left out "bang bang maxwell's silver hammer made sure he/she was dead"

We seem to have a tendency to think about new net-slang... see what we came up with:

rofc = rolling on floor crying
roftacr = rolling on floor thinking about cinnamon rolls

and then colette's additions:

catmaiitotcb-goapfse = Chuckling Audibly To Myself As I IM The One They Call Banana-Genes On A Particularly Fine Saturday Evening

roftacstotw = rolling on the floor thinking about celery stalks taking over the world

AND colin firth was part of the treasure hunt!

In other news, it's dinner time.

mo posted at 9:14 PM.