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Sunday, July 11, 2004

...pynk pyritz are in da hizzouse...

Spent all day basically doing pynk pyritz stuff... practicing in the morning, then gig in the afternoon, hanging out, etc. We taught Claire how to knit (hopefully), because we wanna knit something pynk pyritz.

Finished watching episodes 1-4 of season one of smallville. Man I love that show. My brother and I are now obsessed (Tom Welling, yay, he's *soo good!*) Anyway, the shows are great, and I think it's completely clear that everyone has to have a WB show that they're completely obsessed with. Angelina's is Dawson's Creek, and clearly someone else I know watches Charmed. I used to watch 7th Heaven a lot but I gave up at some point, because although are there are MILLIONS of episodes, they always show the same few.

The thing is, they act like this is a completely rational thing, like Clark Kent comes home one day and he's like "I got a headache, and I started to see through things, or see x-rays" and his parents are like "well, maybe you can focus it, so that you can see through things only when you want to." And even IF your kid is from another planet, this is really freaking weird! And there the parents are, giving completely rational advice, like it's completely normal.

So in this episode, where he learns to have x-ray vision, Lana (i.e. damsel in distress) gets "killed" by being buried alive basically. So she's in this coffin, trapped, and it's like HMM I wonder how he's going to save her this time!.

Also, WHY DOESN'T HE HOOK UP WITH CHLOE!??!?! Chloe is prettier, she isn't of indeterminate racial status (Lana's last name is Lang, and she looks sort of asian, but her parents were completely white), plus Chloe has SUPER RESEARCH INTERNET POWERS! Anytime you need info on anything, in the world, ask Chloe, and she'll get it! Plus, she's smarter, and she was NEVER a cheerleader.

And isn't it weird that her last name is LANG.... amazingly similar to LANE.

Enough about tom welling, etc.

And now, your daily dose of Japanese:


Am I right? I wasn't quite sure how to do that...

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