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Friday, July 16, 2004


I have been having too much fun with this game.

Okay so after days of attempting, I finally got my permit. Basically, I was going to go on Thursday but we had to be back home in an hour, and there was a line and stuff, and so we left. And then we came back this morning and waited foreeeeeever (well, not quite), and then gave them the stuff, and took the eye test, which i found quite challenging because i didn't know where I was looking for the little lights. Once I found out where they would be though, I saw them. Then we got to pay them (the best part!), and I took my test, and I guess I passed it because they gave me my permit. Christina was also there, and one other dude from my Drivers Ed class. It was majorly exciting.... not. But I guess I can drive now, once my dad teaches me (ay for parking lots).

SSSSo. Besides that, guess what happens today!!! (way more important than driving!) A Cinderella Story comes out in theaters, and I'll definitely be there yo, maybe like the one around 3 or something. Many I've been waiting for this movie for ages.

And on the 20th, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen comes out on VHS and DVD, w00t squared!

We've just been watching LotR, so my mom decided it would be interesting if the cool dudes (Aragorn, Legolas, and... Gimli) had to go get drivers permits. They wouldn't be able to! I mean, Legolas's birth certificate would totally not be legal, cuz it would be in Elvish, and Gimli could not under any circumstances see through the windshield. And Aragorn could keep sweating buckets while taking the written test, in those tiny little desks.

I am とても excited about my Mr. Children CD that Domier got me in Japan. The first three tracks are actually amazingly good, and it's not often that I find 1/4 of the songs on a CD listen-able. I think either track 1 or 3 could be good for the 日本語のクラスの歌 (the japanese class song) at the winter surprise partay (yes, I know it's in december people, but the Pynk Pyritz just had xmas last month anyway). If you want to listen to it and you have Quicktime (I think that's what it uses anyway) then click here.

Still, the best part of this is that the band is called Mr. Children. Hehehehehe.

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