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Saturday, July 17, 2004

...hell un!...

Soooo yesterday went to a parking lot to learn how to drive, it's been easy except for the starting part, I always either skid or make the car die, because I can't let off the clutch and let the gas go very well. Hmm, but shifting gears wasn't too bad, though I only did 1 and 2.

Later, Ariana and ME (ha, note the bad grammar, everywhere!) went to amko to get pocky, and found amazing, hello kitty pocky and Thomas the Tank Engine Pocky (why do our trains with faces have to go to Japan???? I guess they have more trains in Japan though). And there was banana flavored pocky. Amazing! Also, I got a manga that was in 日本語 (they have japanese books there for a dollar, it's majorly exciting)... I've been trying to read this manga and I have found that there's this girl who looks majorly american (blonde, long hair, busty, loud, annoying, etc) and a japanese girl and some guy (we don't care what nationality). They find this magic つぼ (vase) and they pull on it and this big demon thing comes out, and tells them they have 3 wishes (hmm this is amazingly similar to all genie in lamp stories). Now anyway, so the boy starts yelling stuff like "first, I want cash! Then, CHICKS!" And then the genie yells something, either they each get one wish only, or he's trying to convince blonde chick to make her wish, but instead she starts fighting with genie. At some point the big bad genie is crying, and he says something about a wife and kids...

Apparently it's called Ghost Sweeper Mikami (in English, that is), and here is a screenshot type doohickey.

Also, on the back of the hello kitty pocky, there's a little comic, and the first box, it says:


Am I wrong or does that translate into "Today is a fun strawberry pretzel"??????

mo posted at 9:12 PM.