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Monday, July 19, 2004


HA! I totemo accurately translated that from Engrish into Nihongo. SO SUCK IT!!!!!!

Today nothing happened. I made a big pile of trash, and math homework tops it off, because i will never need that homework again, even though it represents the hours and hours and hours and hours of homework each night that I had to endure! Except like twice it was in normal range. Anyway.

They have new iPods now. At apple you can see them. However. They. Don't. Spin. So I refuse to buy one. I have been thinking about what to do when mine dies, which it will eventually. So far it's lived longer than most, because I don't play with it obsessively, play it for hours on end, or leave it charging overnight, other unhappy things.

The minis are cute, but I don't want anything that doesn't spin, man.

WHY am I sending bad pictures of me to jono's japanese girl?!??!??

Have a nice fright!

mo posted at 9:00 PM.