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Monday, July 26, 2004's my life!... yeah!...

So let me tell you a story about how I was once again wronged in a competition (anyone remember the speech contest people in chicago REJECTING my excellento-to-the-max speech? As in, my best speech I'd ever given in any language, ever, in the past decade and a half???

Well, judges have once again proved to be morons.

So we were at the County Fair competing in the talent show, righto? It was Claire, Sam, and me. SO not quite the pynk pyritz, but we did play a pynk pyritz song, and we wore the pynk pyritz outfits (we stole angelina's shirt, because, hey, costume was judged). Anyway, so imagine three dashingly gorgeous teenage girls in pink halter tops, black pants, one earring each, and heels, going onstange. We set up in less than the three minutes allowed, and got these mikes set up in front of our rocking instruments. So we tuned, and then rocked the HIZZOUSE (or the fair, more like)... We played our song, which was approx. 3 minutes 30 seconds, less than the allowed 4 minutes.

Except, they disqualified us, for being too long, because they're morons, and they don't understand that tuning is not part of the actual playing. DUH. But apparently, these people are too stupid to figure this out, so we didn't win, and we were disqualified.

MANOMANOMAN! They suckkkk to the max!

Good thing I'm not like an Olympic gymnast or something, they'd say my shoulders were too hexagonal or something and disqualify me!

mo posted at 9:09 PM.