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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Summer is unbelievably good, because when else can you sit and watch Smallville for hours? It's a great combination. Even better than knitting and reading. Because that hurts your neck after a while, and it's more mentally taxing. However, you can simply stare into the screen at Tom Welling saving crazy kryptonite-high people, not be able to make a move on Lana, further his vague relationship with the Luthors, and ask his farmer parents for advice. While making significant progress on knitting.

Hmmmmmm also, you can sit here online, reading the xanga of someone you were in love with for a week, or read about the personal life of someone you don't know, or more fun-ly, try to make your damn playlist work when it is malfunctioning!


Hopefully I can dye yarn tomorrow... DYE!

Gar where are all my friends???? come back to earth!

mo posted at 9:09 PM.