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Thursday, August 19, 2004's what you do...

I have had a mildly exciting three days or so. I don't want to give you the extreme boringness of details so I will do highlights of my life. Plus, I dont' remember the rest.

1) New phone. Extremely important because now, not only do I have to NOT carry a hugely gigantic mega domo-kun wearing phone, I can now actually have good battery life and all that good stuff. If you desperately think you will need to call me, I do in fact remember my number. No one has called me yet, besides me *cries*.

2) Poker and the Olympics. What a wonderful combination. I still don't know which one is the "normal" poker game, but I got pretty good at "pass the trash" which is apparently also called "anaconda" which is just LAME. The Olympics have been entertaining, and we played bet-on-the-next-ad, so we would all be shouting out "Tylenol!" "orange juice!" "car!" or "target!" There are an unproportional amount of orange juice ads on TV -- it's all part of my grand orange juice conspiracy. In addition to the millions and millions of orange juice propaganda in these ads, in Smallville, they are almost ALWAYS drinking orange juice. Lex, Clark, Chloe, Lana, they all drink orange juice.

Also regarding the Olympics, Bob Costas has no top teeth. Look for them while watching prime time Olympics -- you'll see them once or twice at most, and those could be passed off for "moldy gums". His upper lip is amazingly long.

And we don't like phelps. Just get over it man, he's yucky.

3) Also regarding orange juice, noam exclaims "My pulp is NOT hairy"

4) VERB. It's what you do. JELC has taken it upon themselves to add to the vast expanse of VERB commercials. Because they make no sense. Because to sit is a verb just as much as to run is. Eat is a verb. They fail to realize this. I realize they are attempting to get kids to not be obese, but you could go about it in a way that wasn't quite so dumb. Anyway, JELC is making our own VERB ad, featuring verbs like "ponder", "sleep", and "drool".

Just what I was thinking

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