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Friday, August 06, 2004

...part 2...

Anorexics. I have no problem with people starving themselves to death, because really that's their own problem.

And I'm not even going to complain that it sets ridiculous standards for other women, how they should look perfectly thin and then all the men will want them and how this degrades women and how Mary Kate is amazingly thin even though she's really on cocaine... how was that for a run-on sentence? Anyway, that doesn't really bother me too much. What's worse is the mentality that "it's okay to be however you are" because it just gives people major excuses.

Anyway. That's not the point really. The point is that anorexics should not mix with goths, because it creates a horrible horrible thing. It creates someone who is even creepier than your average goth, because her tight leather pants still hang off her body, and her torso has about the same width of that of my thumb.

Also, they might not ACTUALLY be anorexic, since she eats icing out of the tube. Which just adds to the disgustingness of the pseudo-anorexic goth. I'm not sure if anything else is eaten, or if it's just a steady diet of icing out of the tube, but APPARENTLY you don't gain too much weight that way.

As you can probably see by now, I have only met one anorexic goth in my life. And I bet you couldn't guess that I was not very fond of her. I don't like my rivals.

mo posted at 9:00 PM.