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Monday, August 09, 2004 silly earthlings!...

If you ever feel bummed out about school, then I think you haven't been thinking enough about the awesomeness of modern man's greatest achievement: SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Life just doesn't get any better than color coding your subjects, flipping through endless pages of new notebooks, and NOT knowing your locker combination... but wait, that's all the time.

Then, unfortunately, comes actual work. It would be great if everyone could just have one or two papers given to them from each class that we could organize, because organizing is awesome, it's just the whole work thing we cannot deal with.

Speaking of school, how many of you have emailed your administrators about the ridiculous "half" day policy? Getting out at 3:00 is not only stupid since that's not even 1 hour off school, but it makes our reward day into an equivalent of some other school's normal day. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT???? So anyway, since our childhoods are rapidly slipping away from us, don't we deserve a few extra hours once a month???? Is that so much to ask???????

mo posted at 8:07 PM.