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Friday, August 20, 2004

...da na...

Da na is almost as cool as totemo. It's more like ne though. Anyway. In desperation for stuff to do (avoiding things I have to do), I found this:


Hehe. Japanese people talking about Lizzie McGuire episodes make me smile. And sneeze. Which are both verbs. Anyway, this sentence says "in today's lizzie mcguire, there was kissing". Gasp. Kissing. Maybe they saw the one where she gets a boyfriend -- the paperboy. But he breaks up with her to go out with some girl at his school, and at the episode, GUESS WHAT WE FIND OUT... that Gordo likes her! Surprise! As opposed to all the other episodes.

Amirah sent me a letter from her travels with Korean engrish on it...... it says "I love virus". Very cool

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