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Sunday, August 22, 2004


We are filming a "movie" (i.e. a short experimental-ish thing) at the english building... and it's totemo RAWWWWW... namana ne. It's a really eerie building, with long hallways that are dimly lit, and elevators that don't work properly, and most importantly, ghosts. The ghosts live on the 3rd floor evidently, and we were on the 2nd, but they may have come out to play. I swear I didn't press record on the camera and it started recording, but maybe I'm just not in control of my own body. And also, the elevator just doesn't close. I can attribute this one to lousy elevators, but still.

We need to watch a horror movie. Jono and Do want me to be the ditz in their movie, but I'm like, the creepy not-quite-human girl who just keeps appearing and disappearing, and eventually is the killer...

And in case you haven't already seen all the Emerald Nuts ads, watch them. I like extreme nurses...

mo posted at 8:02 PM.